Seven out of ten Europeans think immigration is too high

Migrant crisis in Europe

Published 21 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Migrants crowd the train station in Vienna.

Seven out of ten Europeans believe that their countries take in too many immigrants, according to a new survey by BVA Xsight. Citizens of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus are the most negative about mass immigration.

A survey conducted by BVA Xsight for ARTE Europe Weekly reveals that seven out of ten Europeans believe their country is accepting too many immigrants. The survey, conducted online between March 27 and April 9, involved 22,726 people from the 27 EU member states and reveals a growing suspicion of large-scale mass immigration.

A full 85% of respondents believe the EU needs to do more to combat illegal migration, and only 39% say they believe Europe needs immigration today.

The countries where most people see immigration as a problem are Bulgaria (74%), the Czech Republic (73%), Hungary and Cyprus (both 68%).

In Italy, which had the highest number of illegal immigrants in 2023 (157 652), 44% of the population saw immigration as a problem, while only 14% saw it as the main problem facing the country.

It is also worth noting that a majority of respondents in all participating EU countries thought that their country had taken in too many migrants – in Sweden 70% thought so.

EU has negative impact on life

In Greece and Spain, according to the survey, only 11% of respondents consider immigration to be their country’s biggest problem, which is below the European average of 17%. At the same time, Greece is the country where most people (90%) believe that their country receives too many immigrants.

The survey also found that only a third of respondents believe that EU decisions have a positive impact on their lives.

Portugal is the only country where a majority (51%) sees a positive impact of the EU. It is followed by Spain, Luxembourg, Malta and Romania with 43% positive responses.

At the other end of the spectrum are France and the Czech Republic, where only 21% of respondents think the EU has a positive impact on their lives, followed by Hungary (24%) and the Netherlands (26%).

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