Pfizer sues Hungary over non-payment for vaccines

Published 8 December 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Pfizer's headquarters in New York City.

Pfizer takes legal action against Hungary for non-payment of three million doses of covid vaccine. This follows a similar lawsuit against Poland.

In November, it was revealed that the pharmaceutical giant was suing Poland for 60 million doses of covid vaccine that the country had not yet paid for, as previously reported on The Nordic Times. The lawsuit comes after the European Commission signed a deal with Pfizer for 1.8 billion doses of covid vaccine in 2021, which was the largest vaccine deal the EU has ever made.

In April 2022, Poland opted to suspend deliveries of covid vaccines under a force majeure clause in the contract, citing, among other things, the financial strain caused by the influx of refugees from the war in Ukraine.

In January, Pfizer also filed a lawsuit against Hungary, Politico reports. The lawsuit seeks payment for three million doses of the covid vaccine that the country has not yet paid to the pharmaceutical company. The total amount involved is approximately 60 million euros.

Hungary announced in November 2022 that it would not pay for the vaccine doses, partly because of the economic strain caused by the war in Ukraine. A first hearing in the case was held in March, where a judge rejected Pfizer’s request for an expedited decision. The case has not proceeded since then.

In the Polish case, a brief first hearing was held last week where both parties decided to postpone the case until January 30.

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