Italy bans insect flour in pizza and pasta

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Published 28 March 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Foods containing insects will be allowed - but clearly separated from other products.

Italy opposes the use of insects in food and does not want them to be associated with Italian cuisine. Insect flour is therefore banned by the government for use in products such as pizza and pasta.

After the EU approved two more insect species (house crickets and buffalo larvae) for use in food in January, products such as insect flour have become more common on the market. In Italy, there was a strong reaction to this earlier this year, with producers, restaurant owners and customers opposing the idea of using insect flour in products such as pasta or pizza.

Now the government has decided to put a stop to the use of insect flour and other products containing insects, The Times reports. This is because they do not want insects to be associated with Italian cuisine.

– It is important that these flours are not confused with foods produced in Italy, said Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida.

Foods containing insects will be allowed to be used, but these must be clearly marked in capital letters on the list of ingredients and must be separate from other products.

– Anyone who wants to eat these products can do so, but those who don’t, and I imagine that’s most Italians, will be able to choose, said Lollobrigida.

The Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, added that the use of insect flour in classic Italian products such as pizza or pasta will be completely banned.