Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

The Nordic Times celebrates its first year as an independent Nordic newspaper

The Nordic Times completes its first voyage around the sun. An exciting journey has been underway since the flagship set sail on the winter solstice of 2022.

Published 22 December 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Northern star trail.

One year ago, on the winter solstice, The Nordic Times was born.

One trip around the sun and about a thousand articles later, TNT proudly celebrate our first year as the Nordic region’s leading fully independent international English-language newspaper.

We would like to thank our readers for their support over the past year and ask for your continued confidence in our efforts to be a beacon of sanity in an increasingly hectic world.


Looking back over the past year, there are many highlights. An early one was our articles on Seymour Hersh’s Nordstream story at the beginning of the year. Another was the greeting we received from satirical cartoonist Bob Moran on Twitter/X (below) and most recently from independent journalist Sam Husseini.



Yet another memorable moment was when we shared the transcript of Dr David Martin’s covid summit speech, see below.



A rather funny and unexpected moment that happened just ten days ago was when our article about malfunctioning electric buses in Norway went super viral on social media and became one of our most read articles ever. We certainly didn’t see that coming!

Speaking of social media, we have managed to gain a significant following with over 15,000 followers on Twitter/X. Not bad for our first year, right?

Last but definitely not least, we are also proud and happy to have begun a series of collaborations with a number of contributors, to whom we would like to extend a special thank you. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who has an idea on how to contribute to The Nordic Times to contact us!

But it is not all warm and fuzzy – the tense geopolitical situation in the world affects us all, and unfortunately there are those who have no interest in the truth coming out. Throughout the year, we have been subject to censorship and shadowbanning, especially on Twitter/X, which seemed to think, for example, that the public did not deserve to know the perspective we provided on the October 7th attack in Israel earlier this year.

Despite these challenges, we remain steadfast in our belief that the truth will indeed set us free, and that a climate of open dialogue is a necessary condition for that to happen. If you share this view, we invite you to join us on another journey around the sun. And if you would have the means to support us, we can virtually guarantee you that there is no place where your money would work harder for a freer and better world than money donated to The Nordic Times.

With the North Star as our guide, TNT will continue to navigate the uncertain waters of this world and fight to let the cold blue light of truth shine through.


TNT is truly independent!

We don’t have a billionaire owner, and our unique reader-funded model keeps us free from political or corporate influence. This means we can fearlessly report the facts and shine a light on the misdeeds of those in power.

Consider a donation to keep our independent journalism running…

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