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Published 24 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff

Readers who want to support the newspaper on an ongoing basis can contribute through monthly donations. Any amount can be easily transferred each month thanks to the convenient Donorbox service. Small donations that are automatically deducted each month are very valuable for the editorial team’s ongoing commitment to free journalism.

You can easily donate a lump sum or specify the desired monthly amount to be automatically deducted via any payment card. You can cancel the monthly transfer at any time.

Follow the steps below by selecting the amount, payment card number and choosing whether you want to give your name or donate anonymously. You can also include a message with your donation.

Monthly donations are absolutely invaluable to our editorial team, who work daily to deliver independent and uncensored news to your readers, as they allow us to budget in a completely different way.


To easily cancel a standing monthly transfer, go to and create an account with the same email address you provided at the time of donation. Then you can log in and see “Your recurring donations” and click on “Edit” and “Cancel plan”. A guide with pictures is available here.

Every donation makes a big difference. We will thank you by continuing to take tomorrow’s newspaper to new levels!


Thank you in advance!

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