Tax on Swedish snus to be reduced

Published 7 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff

From November 2024, the government, with the support of the Sweden Democrats, plans to make snus (a type of Swedish smokeless tobacco) cheaper through a tax reduction. At the same time, taxes on cigarettes will be raised, with reference to their more significant negative health effects.

The tax on snus will be reduced by 20 percent, which might lower the price of a can by three kronor. Simultaneously, the cigarette tax will increase by nine percent, reports the tax-funded SVT.

These changes are introduced due to the larger health impacts of smoking compared to snus. The modifications will take effect on November 1, 2024, and do not pertain to white snus or tobacco-free products.

Meanwhile, food prices remain at record high levels. In July, they increased again after being stable for several months. According to the latest report from the industry organization Food Companies, food prices will continue to rise.

Swedish snus is a smokeless tobacco placed under the upper lip, available as moist powder or in pouches. It often has flavors like bergamot, citrus, or herbs and is regulated as food in Sweden.