Friday, May 24, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Friday, May 24, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

“Sex – with and for children, a reality we allow”

The LGBT lobby

Let homosexuals, queers, heterosexuals and everyone else have their orientation and their fantasies in private and in agreement with each other. But don't involve children, not in the streets, not in schools and libraries - not anywhere in public space. So writes the Swedish Veidos Health Center.

Published 25 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff
This is an opinion piece. The author is responsible for the views expressed in the article.

We set age limits on films and computer games and take it for granted that this should be the case. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to work/ do holiday work, and children from 13 are allowed to do only light work. We have a 15-year limit on the purchase of energy drinks and a 20-year limit on the purchase of alcoholic beverages at the Systembolaget (state retail shop selling wines and spirits). You have to be 18 years old to get a driving licence, because before that you are not considered mature enough to drive a vehicle. All with the aim of protecting the well-being of our children, not exposing them to things they are not mature enough to handle and thus safeguarding their physical and mental health.

But we allow adult men who dress in women’s clothes and introduce themselves with obscene names to read stories to our children in kindergartens and public libraries. Parents taking their children to Pride events to see adults dressed in minimal leather outfits, humping in the streets or pretending to be animals is allowed without protest or age limits. Serious discussions are held about the right of children to “change gender” without parental consent. Children should be able to decide their gender and thus their pronouns, i.e. how they want others to address them.

We set age limits on films and computer games and take it for granted that this should be the case.

Parents, in the true spirit of responsibility, set limits on bedtime, what children eat and drink, what they can watch on TV, how much screen time is allowed and that they should wear clothes according to the weather. Don’t we do this to protect our children’s health and well-being, because it is important that we take responsibility for ensuring that our children can grow up in a healthy and empowering way before they are adults and mature enough to make their own decisions, determine the number of hours of sleep, what food they eat and so on?

It seems, incomprehensibly, that in real life it is not as important to enforce frameworks or age limits against exposing our children to the sight of leather-clad adults indulging in sexual perversions as it is to enforce age limits against pornographic or sexual content in films. It is equally incomprehensible that we want to insist, sometimes even encourage, that it is “normal” for underage children to “choose their own gender” and pronouns, while they are not mature enough, from a health point of view, to drink caffeinated beverages, choose their own bedtimes, go to work or cross a busy street by themselves. Where has healthy adult responsibility gone?

Children have the right to be children

Pride week has now passed again and the debate has been loud about whether or not the Pride movement and the LGBTQ lobby are promoting the sexualisation of children and the legalisation of paedophilia.

Björn Söder (Sweden Democrats) was accused by the government, his own ranks in the Sweden Democrats and the media of making “sweeping accusations” against the Pride event when he points to its close and now open links to paedophilia and lobbying for children to be legally part of the sexual activities of perverted adults.

However, neither the government nor the media say anything about actively distancing themselves from paedophilia, but merely counter with “love for all” and continue to celebrate Pride. Is this to be interpreted as meaning that paedophiles are fully entitled to “love” even if a child is harmed, for example by having the paedophile’s penis inserted into their vagina or anal opening? What right does the child have to a safe upbringing among sane adults who let the child be a child, without the interference of perverted adults whom our government apparently wants to give the legal right to express their “love and affection” at will?

Neither the government nor the media say anything about actively distancing themselves from paedophilia, but merely counter with “love for all” and continue to celebrate Pride.

There is no substantive response to the question at all. Probably because they know that the “sweeping accusations” are true. It should be emphasised that the issue is not about which sexual orientation is the right one or which should prevail. Sexual orientation is a private matter and what two adults, or more, do in agreement with each other is entirely up to them. This is about not involving children in the sexual proclivities, fantasies or perversions of adults.

For example, did you know that:

  • RFSL (the Swedish nation-wide association for equal sexual rights) has openly stated that paedophilia “is a way of giving love and affection to children”?
  • RFSL’s own travel guide Spartacus is used as a guide for paedophiles looking for children abroad?
  • Several LGBT activists with links to Pride and RFSL have been convicted of sexual offences against children and child pornography offences?
  • RFSL’s founder claims that “sex with children can be a good thing”?
  • The magazine ‘Come out’ reported that two out of three male homosexuals want to have sex with young boys?
  • Stockholm Pride recruited people convicted of child rape?
  • Paedophilia activist Kjell Rindar opening speech at Pride festival?

Why is it so important to bombard our children and young people with the LGBTQ lobby’s insistence on various sexual, more or less perverse, orientations? Why is it necessary to let children see humping leather-clad “animals”? Why do we not discuss or even reflect on whether and how it might be harmful to our children, physically and/or psychologically, to be exposed to, if only the sight of, the sexual perversions that some self-determining adults have chosen to identify with?

Let children be children. Let them be boys and girls. Let them grow up without perverse sexual elements and gender crisis lobbying. Let heterosexuals, homosexuals, gender binaries, transsexuals, queers and everyone else have their orientation, their fantasies and their sexual relationships in private and in consent with each other – but do not involve our, your or anyone else’s children in it. Not in streets and squares, not in schools and libraries, not anywhere in public space.


For the Veidos Health Centre,

Cecilia Gustafsson

Dano Kostovski

Kostas Elefteriadis

Lena Nilsson

Janne Hanhela

Jimmy Mattsson

Lena Allzén

Henrik Eklund

Anneli Karlsson

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