Pedophile allegations against Spanish carnival

The LGBT lobby

Published 16 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
The sexualization of children has caused disgust in Spain and around the world.

This year’s carnival in the city of Torrevieja in south-eastern Spain has led to condemnation, police reports and loud calls for the resignation of the festival organizers.

The reason is that very young girls are seen participating, dancing with rainbow flags in costumes designed to look like they are wearing only panties, fishnet stockings and “taped crosses” over their nipples – while the adult audience stands and applauds.


The Christian Lawyers Foundation condemned the festival’s management and called for their resignation or dismissal. It has also filed a complaint because it believes that the festival organizers are guilty of exploiting minors for exhibitionist purposes.

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The purpose of the parade and the children’s costumes was allegedly to satirize the electoral promises of the Spanish political parties – but critics say it is instead “hypersexualization” and “incitement to pedophilia”.

This is reprehensible and falls under the category of corruption of minors. We hope that the justice system will act so that the children’s innocence is not lost and that they are not exploited in this way, said Polonia Castellanos, president of the foundation.

Wanting to arrest the parents

On social media, where the clips have gone viral, the tone is similar, with many calling for both parents and organizers to be held accountable.

It’s PEDOPHILIA. NOT APPROPRIATE. That there is even a debate about this is preposterous. Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted and permanently denied access to children“, says Katherine McKinney, for example.

Pedophilia, degeneracy, child abuse, disgusting and dirty. Keep your hands off the children!“, says another.

A third user says he cannot “believe his eyes” and believes the children’s parents should be arrested.

However, the organizers refer to their artistic freedom and say they are willing to carry out more provocations in the future