Landlines trending among young people

Published 1 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Fixed-line telephony has seen a surge in popularity in many places.

Having a home phone is becoming increasingly popular among younger people. Young people say it is nice to be able to “disconnect” from the otherwise constant connectivity.

Generation Z, which includes people between the ages of about 12 and 27, has become interested in landlines, even though most of them did not grow up with them. Nicole Randone, a 24-year-old from New York, has a purple home phone that came out in 2003, when she was just three years old.

– Having a landline really bridges that gap between reality and my childhood fantasy”, Randone tells The Guardian. I feel like the main character in my favorite TV shows – One Tree Hill, The OC, Gilmore Girls – when I use it.

Sweden has seen a significant decline in landline telephones, with about 82 percent of people having a home phone in 2010 and that number dropping to 24 percent in 2019, according to the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (Post- och telestyrelsen – PTS). Although Randone doesn’t actually need the service, she appreciates the aesthetics of a landline and the ability to communicate in a different way than texting or messaging.

– Since I’m an influencer, I’m constantly online, so it’s really nice to disconnect and it almost feels like an escape, she said.

“Cute and romantic”

Sam Casper, 27, has a classic pink home phone that she uses to talk to friends who also have home phones, something she started after being inspired by the ’90s show Sex and the City.

– It’s so cute and romantic, she said. I really loathe cellphones, because everyone cancels at the last minute these days through text, which I find so absurd.

She has all her friends’ phone numbers written down next to her pink phone and is very selective about who gets her home phone number.

– If I meet a new friend and they’re the type of person I’d invite back to my house, they get the landline. Whenever I hear my phone ringing, I get so giddy. I love to just sit there and talk and twirl the little cord, Casper says.

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