Indian movie star: “Political correctness has to be followed in every word”

Published 15 June 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Salim Kumar receiving the Kerala State Film Award, 2011. On the right his character in the movie Kallanum Bhagavathiyum released this year.

– Humour should be given space without any barriers. Then only humour will exist.

So says award-winning Indian actor Salim Kumar about the current climate in the film industry in an interview with The Indian Express.

The famous actor believes that there is a particular shortage of good comedy roles in the film industry and that political correctness has affected the humor that exists. Salim Kumar states in the interview that political correctness is an obstacle to all kinds of entertainment.

Now we can’t call someone bald or dark. Political correctness has to be followed in every word. We don’t know when a case will be filed against us, Kuman says.

Humor, Kumar stresses, cannot be created if there are restrictions – and points out that excessive emphasis on political correctness has actually also destroyed people’s sense of humor.

Humour cannot be created by being in a cage. Humour should be given space without any barriers. Then only humour will exist, accoding to Kumar.

There are no comedy roles in the films today. That is why we are doing serious roles. I have always and still would like to do comedy roles. But there is a dearth of such roles. I love making people laugh, he concludes the interview.


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