American teenager becomes first person to beat Tetris

Published 5 January 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Willis Gibson says he is "extremely excited" about his performance.

13-year-old Willis “Blue Scuti” Gibson becomes the first person in the world to beat the game Tetris. The 13-year-old managed to reach level 157, causing the game to crash.

The game Tetris is about preventing an infinite number of differently shaped blocks from piling up on the screen. It was created by Alexei Pazjitnov and first released in June 1984. The game was designed so that players would not be able to clear it, but that did not stop players from trying to beat the popular game.

The NES version of Tetris is the one often used in tournaments and world record attempts. In 2011, American Thor Aackerlund invented a technique he called “hypertapping,” which involves flexing the biceps until the forearm vibrates so fast that the control cross can be pressed more than 10 times per second, allowing the tiles to move sideways without getting stuck in the usual animation.

In 2020, Christopher “Cheez” Martinez came up with “rolling,” an even more effective and less stressful technique. By keeping one finger on the controller and drumming the back of the controller with the fingers of the other hand, it’s possible to get up to 30 taps per second, and players have been moving up the levels for the past three years.

Level 157

Now, American teenager Willis “Blue Scuti” Gibson has become the first to “clear” the game, according to Techspot. The 13-year-old managed to reach level 157, causing the game to crash. He managed to score a staggering 6,850,560 points. Gibson has been playing Tetris since 2021 and is now considered one of the top players in the US. He says he is “extremely excited” about the incident. On a sad note, Gibson lost his father, just two weeks before he set the new world record.

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