When future NATO chief Rutte was pressured over correspondence with Klaus Schwab

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Published 23 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
World Economic Forum President Klaus Schwab and Mark Rutte at the 2019 Davos Summit.

A visibly uncomfortable Mark Rutte was asked about his letter of thanks to ultra-globalist Klaus Schwab for the book Covid-19: The Great Reset during a hearing in the Dutch parliament in July 2021. The Dutch prime minister avoided answering questions about his own views on Schwab’s book, calling them “conspiracy theories”.

Please note that this article reflects events that took place back in July 2021. Today, Mark Rutte is set to become the new head of the NATO military alliance.

Gideon van Meijeren, a member of the Dutch parliament for the Forum for Democracy party, put Rutte in a very uncomfortable position during a hearing on July 14, 2021, when he pointed to correspondence between the prime minister and the notorious World Economic Forum director Klaus Schwab, in which Rutte thanks and praises him for his book Covid-19: The Great Reset.

– More and more people see that it is a big lie that the current corona measures are meant to protect public health, van Meijeren began.

– This begs the question: why are we pushing for all these terrible measures that will change our whole way of life and destroy our whole society? There are some influential globalists who, in their own words, see the coronavirus crisis as a great opportunity to ‘restart’ the world, which means they have a perverse incentive to drag this out. One of these globalists is Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, who has also written a book with the striking title “Covid-19: The Great Reset”. My question to the Prime Minister is: What is his assessment of the contents of this book?

Mark Rutte, Klaus Schwab and the cover of his book in the middle. Press play to see the full hearing in Parliament.

Mr. Rutte himself said that he is not familiar with the book and that the whole thing should be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

– I am not familiar with this book, but I would advise Mr. van Meijeren not to get too involved in all these conspiracy theories. I also see them on Youtube and I find it fascinating how they explain that 9/11 did not happen and different things. All very nicely put together, but usually it is what it is – a conspiracy theory.

Van Meijeren goes on to point out that Mark Rutte personally thanked Schwab for the book only about six months earlier, describing it as “a hopeful analysis for a better future”.

– I am surprised that the first question I ask Mr. Rutte since I was elected is answered with a lie, because I have here a letter from Mr. Rutte to Klaus Schwab dated November 26, 2020, thanking him for sending the book and calling it “a hopeful analysis for a better future”. Can Mr. Rutte search his memory, it is more than half a year ago, I don’t know how long your memory is, but most likely it is still possible to recall this to answer my first question.

– Well, the honest answer is that this is a courtesy letter in which, even if you cannot read every book from cover to cover, you want to send an honest answer to the sender, Rutte explains himself.

– So the prime minister is saying that he did not lie to me, but to Klaus Schwab, van Meijeren ironizes.

Like many other European leaders, Mark Rutte has close ties to globalist power forums. In 2019, Rutte attended the high-profile Bilderberg meeting together with, among others, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson.

The Bilderberg meeting has been held annually since 1954, but was dismissed by the mainstream media as a “conspiracy theory” until a few years ago. Thanks largely to the reporting of independent citizen journalists, it is now widely acknowledged that the meeting has been taking place for many years, bringing together heavyweights from various sectors of society to discuss crucial issues behind closed doors.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Mr. Rutte is the new intended head of the NATO military alliance.

Facts: The Great Reset

The Great Reset is a technocratic totalitarian vision of society formulated by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum for how society will be transformed by the coronavirus crisis. The Great Reset was one of the themes of this year's Davos summit, attended by the highest powers of the EU, UN, WHO and IMF. Schwab also believes that the Great Reset is the solution to a future cyber crisis, which the World Economic Forum is practicing for under the project name Cyber Polygon.

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