The bank expelled Farage for political reasons

The crisis of confidence in banks

Published 20 July 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Nigel Farage warns about the power of the banks.

Documents show that British politician Nigel Farage was kicked out of the bank for purely ideological reasons, and that his views on the LGBT movement, Brexit and immigration were deemed “incompatible” with the bank’s values.

When the Conservative politician’s bank accounts were suddenly closed and Coutts asked for an explanation, they eventually claimed that the decision was purely financial and that Farage had not met the bank’s commercial requirements. However, it has now emerged that the bank was lying through its teeth – and that it was in fact political and ideological reasons that led to Farage losing his accounts.

A 40-page document that the bank was forced to release states that the bank considers Farage to be politically deviant, that he “does not align with our values” and even insinuates that he is a racist. The bank has apparently carried out an ideological mapping of Farage’s views and statements, pointing to alleged Russian links, his criticism of the LGBT movement, his friendship with Donald Trump and his acquaintance with the brother of anti-vaccine tennis star Novak Djokovic.

He is perceived as “xenophobic and racist”, the bank writes, claiming that he is not “compatible with Coutts”. However, the bank admits that he meets its financial criteria – which is why Farage and many like him believe it is proven that the bank suspended him because of his views.

Farage says Coutts put together a “Stasi-like surveillance report,” and notes that the word “Brexit” appears 86 times in it.

”Between 2014 and 2016, when I first banked with Coutts, no problems ever arose. After Brexit became a reality, everything changed”, the politician writes.

Farage, who is also referred to as a “fascist” by people quoted in the report, says that the bank spent an enormous amount of energy searching his social media accounts and compiling any information from the internet that could be considered “problematic”.

“I was being watched”, he claims.

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“This story is not just about me. You could be next … if this situation is left unchecked, we will sleepwalk towards a China-style social credit system in which only those with the ‘correct’ views are allowed to fully participate in society”, Farage continues.

The bank admits that Nigel Farage has done nothing wrong – except have the wrong values.
Coutts has been very careful to record Nigel Farage’s views.