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Polaris of Enlightenment

Monday, June 17, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Several pilots dead from cardiac arrest

The criticized covid vaccinations

Published 30 August 2023
- By Editorial Staff
The "wave" of sudden cardiac arrests among pilots has caused concern in the airline industry.

The month of August has seen several strange deaths among pilots attract international attention, causing concern in the industry, according to the International Business Times and others.

– It would be worth checking which vaccine they all took, said one pilot commenting on the sudden deaths.

It notes that a pilot from the Indian airline IndiGo suddenly became unconscious and collapsed at the gate during a domestic flight and was pronounced dead shortly afterwards. The death is also not the first to affect pilots in the month of August.

“Apart from the two cases of sudden deaths in India, on August 14 a pilot died on Chile’s LATAM flight from Miami to Santia , Chile. In two other cases involving incapacitation, a United Airlines pilot operating a flight from Sarasota to Newark suffered a heart attack on board the flight. On August 7, a co-pilot operating a TigerAir flight from Sapporo to Taipei had a medical emergency soon after the plane landed at its destination”, IndiGo itself comments in a statement.

The United Airlines pilot also lost consciousness and suffered a heart attack during the flight. Just two days before, a co-pilot on TigerAir collapsed immediately after landing. On August 14, 2023, a Chilean pilot died in the middle of a flight between Miami and Santiago.

Two days later, it happened again when a Qatar Airways pilot, who was flying as a passenger between Delhi and Doha at the time, suffered a medical emergency and later died.

“These events, occurring in rapid succession, cast a spotlight on the crucial need for more robust medical assessments and preventative measures for aviation professionals. While the aviation industry is guided by stringent safety regulations, these incidents highlight the complexities and challenges that arise when crew members experience medical emergencies while on or off duty”, writes IBTimes.

One pilot speculates that side effects from one of the experimental covid vaccines are behind the sudden deaths. It has already been clarified that these can be linked to an increased risk of heart problems, something that the Swedish Public Health Agency, among others, announced in a press release in October 2021.

I can’t say it’s a pattern but given our lifestyle of disrupted sleep patterns, jet lag etc it certainly does take a toll on our bodies. Additionally, it would be worth checking which vaccine did they all take, to see if there is any correlation, a pilot commented to the magazine.

Even in the world of sports, many have noted the sharp increase in the incidence of heart problems in athletes since the mass vaccination campaigns began.

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