Israeli minister for women’s rights: “Proud of the ruins in Gaza”

The situation in Gaza

Published 23 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
May Golan during a "flag dance" in Jerusalem in 2021.

May Golan, a party colleague of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s social equality minister, says she is “proud” that much of Gaza has been bombed to rubble and ashes, and hopes Palestinians will remember the Jews’ revenge for generations to come.

– I am personally proud of the ruins of Gaza and that every baby even 80 years from now will tell their grandchildren what the Jews did when their families were murdered, raped and their civilians were kidnapped, the Likud politician said during a session of the Israeli parliament earlier this week.

According to Golan, Israel should not use a “dove” or an “olive branch” (symbols of peace) – but only “a sword to cut off the head of Sinwar (Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar). There can be no peace until Hamas is defeated, she says.

Controversial figure

A controversial figure even in Israel, Golan has previously said that migrants seeking asylum are “Muslim infiltrators, criminals and rapists”.

As for the Palestinian population of Gaza, she has stated that “I literally don’t care about Gaza..for all I care they can go out and swim in the sea”.

At the time of writing, nearly 30,000 Palestinians have been confirmed dead – most of them women and children. Most of Gaza’s population has also been displaced from their homes to the border with Egypt, and large parts of the region’s settlements have been so bombed out that they cannot be returned to.

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