Hamas accepts UN ceasefire proposal

The situation in Gaza

Published 12 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Among other things, the resolution calls on Israel to withdraw from Gaza.

Hamas has agreed to the Gaza cease-fire resolution drafted by the Biden administration and approved by the UN Security Council. However, it is unclear whether Israel will agree to the terms.

Hamas officials say that “the US administration is facing a real test in fulfilling its commitments to force the occupying power to end the war immediately by implementing the UN Security Council resolution.”

– This plan is more detailed and it also means an end to the war in Gaza if it is followed, says political scientist Anders Persson in SVT.

Hamas announced on Tuesday that it supports the proposal, but Israel has not yet publicly commented on the resolution. The US, however, believes that Netanyahu’s regime is in favor of it.

“Major ambiguities”

In short, the resolution calls for a six-week cease-fire with the release of the remaining hostages in exchange for a large number of Palestinian prisoners. Gazans would also be allowed to return to their homes and humanitarian aid would be allowed into the territory.

The second phase includes a permanent end to the fighting and Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza. The third phase is to begin reconstruction of the largely bombed-out Gaza Strip.

– It contains considerable ambiguity about what will happen to Hamas and what role Hamas will play in Gaza after the war. In many ways, it is a political and military defeat for Israel, says Persson.

Israel’s stated goal was to free the hostages, wipe out Hamas, and ensure that nothing in Gaza could threaten Israel in the future.

“Nuances and diplomatic tricks”

– I find it hard to believe that Israel will accept this as it stands, because it means that Israel will not achieve its war aims. I also find it very difficult to see the Israeli government staying in place as it is now composed, he continues.

– Between yes and no and maybe, there are many different nuances and diplomatic tricks and formulations that Netanyahu could use.

More than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, tens of thousands more are missing or injured, and more than two million have been forced to flee their homes, many of which have been bombed to rubble.

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