George Soros names son as heir: “Is more political”

Published 13 June 2023
- By Editorial Staff
George and Alexander Soros.

Notorious Hungarian-Jewish venture capitalist and globalist George Soros turns 93 in August. Now he is finally handing over control of his financial and lobbying empire, valued at around $25 billion.

The new head of the business will be his 37-year-old son Alexander, who stresses to The Wall Street Journal that he and his father “think alike” – but that he himself is “more political” than his father.

Alexander Soros, who recently held private meetings with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, declared that, like his father, he intends to continue spending large sums of money to fund left-liberal policies.

The Soros foundation Open Society Foundations, of which Alexander is now chairman, donates as much as 1.5 billion dollars every year to various political projects and politicians – often linked to things like strengthening the LGBTQ lobby and pushing for non-European immigration to Western countries. It has also been noted for strengthening groups and projects in the environment of the violent black power movement BLM.

The Soros family will also provide large sums of money for the 2024 presidential elections. At least 125 million dollars have been set aside for this purpose.

Alexander Soros started getting involved in his father’s project full-time from 2015. Previously, his older brother Jonathan was seen as the obvious heir, but he left the business after several work-related conflicts with his father. Alexander’s involvement in the Soros empire is said to have led to an increase in funding for projects in Latin America and more resources to get American leftist voters to the polls. Compared to his father, he also places much more emphasis on his Jewish identity. He has visited Israel on several occasions and also celebrates the major Jewish holidays – something George Soros reportedly does not do.

By his own admission, he is more interested in American domestic politics than his father is, and is currently working to get the Democratic Party to attract even more Hispanic and black voters to the polls, as well as to win over Republican supporters.

– Our side has to be better about being more patriotic and inclusive. Just because someone votes Trump doesn’t mean they’re lost or racist, he said.

At the same time, Alexander Soros is not described as a confident and dominant speaker like his father. His colleagues argue that he is uncomfortable in more public settings and prefers to play a more anonymous role, which could mean that he will go more under the radar compared to his father, who has thrived in the spotlight despite being frequently singled out as systematically subversive – by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Órban, among others.

– Alex is unlikely to be the boogeyman that George Soros was for the right, says Anthony Romero, head of the American Civil Liberties Union, one of the many organizations funded by Soros.

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