Climate activists prevent woman with newborn from going to hospital

The exaggerated climate crisis

Published 26 July 2023
- By Editorial Staff

A woman stuck in traffic after a climate protest in London last week asked activists to move because she was on her way to the hospital with her newborn baby. But the activists decided to continue the protest, and the woman was unable to drive past until police broke up the demonstration some time later.

Last week, climate activist group Just Stop Oil held a protest in Kensington, London, UK. During rush hour, they stopped traffic by walking slowly in front of it, preventing cars from passing.

Drivers trying to get through, as well as pedestrians passing by, reacted strongly to the protest. For example, a passing woman with a baby carriage confronted the climate alarmists.

Who are you to decide who gets to gets to go? the woman asked, according to the British newspaper Mirror.

Another woman got out of her car and explained to the activists that she had a newborn baby in the car and was on her way to the hospital.

– I’ve got a newborn baby in that car who needs to go to hospital. Now move, the woman pleaded.

The climate alarmists did not heed the woman’s plea.

Police broke up the protest later that morning, and traffic returned to normal.

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