Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

BBC crocodile expert raped and killed 40 dogs

Published 29 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Adam Britton has previously worked with the BBC and National Geographic.

Acclaimed zoologist and crocodile expert Adam Britton has pleaded guilty to a wide range of charges involving having sex with, torturing and killing more than 40 pet dogs. He also admitted to possessing and distributing filmed child abuse.

Britton has worked for the BBC and National Geographic and collaborated with documentary filmmaker David Attenborough.

As a young man, Britton moved from the UK to Australia to study saltwater crocodiles and went on to research, write books and make nature documentaries on the subject.

On Monday, the 51-year-old admitted committing over 60 crimes, including killing and raping a very large number of pet dogs. The details of the allegations were so disturbing that the judge turned to the audience and allowed them, journalists and security personnel to leave the courtroom.

Britton admitted that he has a “sadistic sexual interest” in animals – and dogs in particular, and that he has killed around 40 dogs since 2014.

Container as “torture chamber”

The zoologist allegedly used a shipping container on his land for this purpose, calling it his “torture room”. A police search found the container full of computers, cameras, hard drives and sex toys and, according to prosecutors, the container was used to “torture, sexually abuse and kill dogs”.

The former BBC expert obtained the dogs through an online marketplace where he assured their former owners that they would be well looked after.

– He often built a rapport with the dog owners in negotiating taking custody of their animals, many of whom had to reluctantly give their pets away due to travel or work commitments, said prosecutor Marty Aust.

Filmed child abuse was also found on Britton’s computer and, according to the prosecution, he used one account on Telegram to contact “like-minded people” and another to upload and distribute videos of him torturing and abusing dogs.

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