Bank throws out Nigel Farage

The crisis of confidence in banks

Published 1 July 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Nigel Farage has many enemies in Britain.

British Conservative politician Nigel Farage has announced that his bank has closed his bank accounts without explanation. Farage himself calls it “political persecution” and warns that if the banks can close his accounts, all other Britons risk losing theirs as well.

In a video clip posted on Twitter, Farage explains that he has been a customer of the same banking group since 1980 – 43 years – and that he has had his personal accounts with the bank for the same length of time. He has also had business accounts with the bank for many years – but now he is suddenly no longer welcome.

– I got a phone call a couple of months ago, to say, “we are closing your accounts”. I asked why, no reason was given. I was told a letter would come which will explain everything. The letter came through and simply said “we are closing your accounts, we want to finish it all by a date…” which is around about now. I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I complained, I emailed the chairman – a lackey phoned me to say that it was a “commercial decision” which I have to say I don’t believe for a single moment.

– So, I thought well there we are, I have to go and find a different bank. I’ve been to six, no, seven banks actually, asked them all: “Could I have a personal and a business account?” and the answer has been “no” in every single case.

The Conservative politician, who has not yet revealed which bank is involved, believes that the ban is a “punishment” for his commitment to the UK leaving the EU. He has also been accused by political opponents of taking money from Russia, which he has dismissed as lies.


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