Alexander Soros: “We are not leaving Europe”

The globalist agenda

Published 7 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Alexander and George Soros.

The chairman of the influential lobbying organization Open Society Foundations now labels reports about leaving Europe as “misleading”. Instead, they will be focusing their efforts specifically on Eastern Europe in the future.

George Soros’ heir, Alexander Soros, asserts that they have no plans to cease their influence operations on the European continent, which they regard as of “huge strategic importance” to the Open Society organization.

“News reports that the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and Soros are “leaving Europe” are misleading. We are not leaving. Europe remains of huge strategic importance to the work of OSF, which began in the 1980s, when my father started funding independent thinkers in his native Hungary, then a Soviet satellite in Communist Eastern Europe. And today, for all its faults, the European Union still stands as a global beacon of the values that shape our work”, he writes in a press release.

Soros compares the focus shift to what happened after the fall of the Berlin Wall when the organization lobbied for countries in Central and Eastern Europe to join the EU, or in 2008 when they stepped up their “work in Brussels and Western Europe at scale for the first time”. In general, it is emphasized that there is a power shift towards the east in Europe.

“The war in Ukraine will have untold consequences, while the rise of Poland as a leading economy will eventually make it a net contributor to the EU. The future of accountable, democratic government in Europe is now being determined not just in Paris and Berlin but also in Warsaw, Kyiv and Prague”, he concludes.