Swedish police acquire new non-lethal weapons

Published 28 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
The rubber projectile can be used against suspects at a distance of 20-40 meters.

So-called “distance batons” are now being introduced in three police regions and in the National Task Force (Nationella insatsstyrkan). However, the weapon is now known as the “rubber bullet” and, according to the police, is intended for use in particularly “dangerous and complicated situations”.

The tip of the bullet is made of rubber and can be fired from the 40mm weapon system already used by the Swedish police.

“The new weapon will be used in special police tactics, for example during riots, and in the national response concept (the task forces) in connection with dangerous and complicated situations”, Swedish police trade journal Polistidningen writes.

– The projectile is not intended to be used to disperse a whole group of people from a place, but it will be used against individuals when the police deem it justified, says Ulf Sand, who is a business developer of equipment at NOA, the National Operations Department.

Two types of rubber cartridges. Photo: Minna Ridderstolpe/Polisen.

Can be used at medium distances

He points out that “you have to make an overall assessment” and that “every situation is unique” – but that the projectile can be used, for example, against people throwing stones at the police.

– Above all, it gives them a chance to act against a suspected offender at medium distance, i.e. 20-40 meters. At that distance, the service weapon was the only option. Otherwise, you had to get up to a few meters to use the OC spray, Sand continues.

By the end of the year, the rubber projectile will be used in the SPT operations of Police Region South, Police Region West and Police Region Stockholm, as well as in the National Task Force.

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