Globalist network member to host Swedish state television show

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Published 26 January 2024
- By Editorial Staff
According to SVT, it is "not yet clear" how Tove Lifvendahl is going to be presented.

Schibsted newspaper Svenska Dagbladet’s Tove Lifvendahl becomes the new program host on tax-funded state broadcaster Swedish Television (Svensk Television – SVT).

The state channel presents Lifvendahl as “political editor-in-chief” and “author” – but does not mention at all that she is also a member of the notorious power network known as the Trilateral Commission.

The program in question was previously called Teodorescu & Suhonen, but is now being renamed after it became clear that presenter Alice Teodorescu Måwe is a candidate for the Christian Democrats in the EU Parliament, and that it would therefore violate SVT’s regulations on “impartiality” if she continued.

In addition to Lifvendahl, she will be replaced by PM Nilsson and Henrik Jönsson, who will initially host three programs each.

– We decided that it would be fun to try out three different hosts for the three remaining programs, says Michael Kucera, Program Director at SVT.

Kissinger and Rockefeller

Along with the announcement, Lifvendahl is introduced as “political editor-in-chief at Svenska Dagbladet” and “author”. SVT points out that she has written the book Who throws the first stone? About stone throwing and foreigners in Rosengård (Vem kastar första stenen? Om stenkastning och utlänningar på Rosengård) – a book published in 2003.

However, what is not mentioned is that Tove Lifvendahl is also a member of the Trilateral Commission – an influential think tank and informal power network founded in 1973 by, among others, high-profile political advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and late top politician Henry Kissinger, on behalf of the notorious multi-billionaire and ultra-globalist David Rockefeller.

Photo: facsimile/Trilateral Commission

Now considered one of the most influential lobbying organizations in the world, the think tank’s meetings address issues such as war, global trade, artificial intelligence, geopolitical shifts, and global digitalization.

“Global private elite organization”

“The Trilateral Commission is a global private elite organization. The idea is that the members meet in an informal setting without media scrutiny. The purpose is to influence behind the scenes and thus control the decisions that governments make, far from the values that characterize, for example, social liberals”, warned the Greens’ Birger Schlaug and Marie-Louise “MaLou” Lindholm when it was revealed that then Centre Party leader Annie Lööf had become a member of the organization.

Why the taxpayer-funded SVT finds it relevant to mention that Lifvendahl wrote a book more than 20 years ago – but not that she is a member of a network described as a shadowy elite organization – is somewhat unclear. When Swedish daily newspaper Nya Dagbladet contacted SVT, the newspaper was not given an answer as to why a member of this organization was allowed to be a program host – but we were told that it has not yet been decided how she will be marketed in the box.

“Exactly how Tove Lifvendahl will be presented in the program is not yet clear. It will be taped next Tuesday and broadcast on Wednesday, January 31, they write.


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