Eat ze bugs: Södertälje municipality serves caterpillars for lunch

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Published 1 April 2024
- By Editorial Staff
In the future, when citizens begin to "accept insects" as food, caterpillars may become a regular part of the menu.

The City Hall restaurant in Södertälje served caterpillars for lunch this week. This is part of the municipality’s initiative to support companies that it believes are developing ‘sustainable food’.

For lunch, the restaurant is currently serving caterpillar mince with the taco at the restaurant. The caterpillar mince is part of the municipality’s stated aim to support local businesses that want to invest in more ‘sustainable food’. Sara Seing, food manager at KO, says the caterpillars are environmentally friendly and sustainably produced.

– I would say it is similar to minced chicken, she told tax-funded P4 Stockholm.

However, the caterpillars are only a test, as they are not yet available as food on the market and are therefore only a temporary part of the menu. Therefore, it will not be included in the regular menu for the time being, but according to Seing, it may become relevant in the future when people start to “accept insects” as a natural part of their diet.

– Maybe when people have integrated it into their culture and can accept insects, she says.

Unknowing students

One visitor to the restaurant says eating caterpillars “went well.”

– It was caterpillars we ate, but it went well, says the visitor.

The Nordic Times recently reported on how unwitting schoolchildren in Södertälje are served caterpillars for lunch.

– Insects!? cried student Maria Alejandra when she found out what the food consisted of and declared that she did not want to eat any more.

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