Children worry about the summer holidays

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Published 15 June 2023
- By Editorial Staff
The summer holidays are a tough time for many children.

Many children worry about what the summer vacation will be like. Financial worries in particular have been a large part of the calls received by children’s helpline Bris during the spring.

The summer vacation has begun for most children in Sweden, but many children dread the long holiday. When everyday life and all that it entails, such as school and hobbies, is put on hold, many of the children’s important adults disappear, leading to worry and anxiety. Last summer, Bris received more calls from children than ever before, and this year they are preparing to ensure that more children have access to support throughout the summer.

– Every spring as the summer vacation approaches, we at Bris notice a clear pattern in the calls. For children who are not doing so well at home, or who are not doing so well, the idea that everyday routines will change and that important adults around them will not be there is something that contributes to worry and anxiety”, says Magnus Jägerskog, Secretary General of Bris in a press release.

Financial concerns have also increased since 2022 and children talk more about their concerns about electricity and food prices and how parents often argue about the family’s finances. Bris has also had more calls during the spring about concerns about not being able to afford to do anything during the summer vacation.

“I never know what to do or say when my friends ask about things that cost money. I cry every night, especially now in the summer when there is so much pressure”, says a child from the Bris support line.

The Bris support line is open 24 hours a day during the summer for children up to 18 years old and can be called, chatted with or emailed. Bris has also increased its support and can offer support in Ukrainian.

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