Monday, June 17, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Monday, June 17, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

The new project of the ultra-globalists: “Global cyber pandemic” is to be solved with “digital vaccine”

The globalist agenda

The World Economic Forum, with the ultra-globalist Klaus Schwab in the foreground, has been profiled in the corona crisis, among other things through the infamous simulation exercise of a corona pandemic "Event 201" which took place several months before the corona crisis actually began. Now they are again "predicting" an upcoming and even worse crisis in the form of a global cyber-attack and preparing those in power around the world to act in a coordinated manner when this occurs - under the project name "Cyber Polygon".

Published 11 September 2021
- By Editorial Staff
Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and the mastermind behind "The Great Reset".

An article published at the World Economic Forum in June 2020 predicted a global “cyber pandemic” that could in a short time knock out and infect millions of different devices that must be disconnected from the Internet, and that an extensive shutdown of the Internet would take place until a “digital vaccine” had been found.

The whole world would experience cyber lockdown until a digital vaccine was developed. All business communications and data transfer would be blocked. Social contact would be reduced to people who can be contacted through personal visits, fixed-line telephony in copper networks, snail mail or shortwave radio“, they write.

However, the infamous power network does not stop at writing articles about the impending cyber disaster, but now actively prepares politicians, multinational companies, and international organizations to act in a coordinated manner when this happens.

On the WEF’s website, the project “Cyber ​​Polygon” is described as a global collaborative project to respond to worldwide cyber-attacks. In the opening remarks at the event’s first public conference, the infamous WEF founder and ultra-globalist Klaus Schwab literally flags an “inevitable global cyber-attack” and repeats his mantra of the “Great Reset” that he believes is needed in response.

Our current fragmented global architecture is no longer suitable for the purposes of the 21st century. It is high time for a big restart, says Schwab.

He underlines a great danger with nationalist trends in the countries of the world, and a world that is less “sustainable”, “equal” and more “fragile” if this is not stopped. Instead, Schwab urges us to “rethink” how the world should be, and to “build a new social contract” in the great restart of society he wants to see.

With this ambition, he believes that “cybercrime” and “cyber security” should now be put first on the global agenda.

We all know, but still pay too little attention to, the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber-attack that would stop the power supply, transport, hospitals – society as a whole. In the light of this, the Covid-19 crisis would be seen as a small disturbance compared to a major cyber-attack, says Schwab.


WEF CEO Jeremy Jurgens reflects Schwab’s thoughts on an impending major cyber crisis and calls for cooperation between international actors so that solutions are ready even before the event becomes a fact.

It will be a more significant one, and we must start preparing for it immediately. This crisis will be faster than what we have seen with covid, the exponential increase will be steeper, its impact will be greater and as a result, the economic and social consequences will be even more far-reaching, he says.

Other participants in Cyber ​​Polygon’s first conference in July 2020 included several multinational banks and tech companies, as well as the international police organisation Interpol and politicians such as Russia’s new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Also participating was the infamous war hawk and international law criminal Tony Blair, Britain’s former prime minister – best known for his great co-responsibility for the gory Iraq war, which was started in 2003 on the basis of gross lies about weapons of mass destruction, never found in the country.

Tony Blair at the World Economic Forum 2016. (Photo: Paul Kagame / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Mr Blair called into question the unregulated nature of today’s internet and called for biometric digital ID documents as a solution to biological and health data for every citizen, saying it was “inevitable” that the state would adopt such methods.

There are a number of ways in which the interaction between a citizen’s life and the state can be improved by using digital ID documents,” Blair said.

WEF claims that the expected type of cyber-attack that is being discussed will spread extremely quickly in society – and that cyber viruses today have the ability to spread to 1 billion computerized devices in only five days.

If cyber-covid reflected the pathology of the coronavirus, 30 percent of infected systems would be asymptomatic and the spread of the virus – half of which would continue to work with great degradation – the digital similarity would be to lie in bed for a week. At the same time, 15 percent would lose all data and have to reinstall the entire system“, they write.

As in the corona crisis, China is pointed out as a possible central point in the imagined drama. This is partly because China, according to data from 2018, produces 90 percent of all mobile phones, 90 percent of all computers and 70 percent of all television sets.

Cyber Polygon's first major conference and exercise in July 2020, which was followed up in 2021, was organised by the World Economic Forum's cyber security centre in collaboration with the Russian mega-bank Sberbank and the international police organisation Interpol.

A large number of other organisation, companies and political actors participated in the event to initiate in-depth global cooperation in the cyber field.

Great focus is also placed on discussing increased control over what information is disseminated on the internet - something that in an Orwellian way is referred to as "shaping a secure digital future" and "counteracting fake news".

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