Friday, May 24, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Friday, May 24, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Bill Gates’ and Rockefeller’s plan to implement digital ID documents on billions of people

The globalist agenda

For several years, an "alliance" for the ID2020 project consisting of, among others, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation and the vaccine lobby organization Gavi has had the goal that all people in the world should be able to identify themselves digitally, with an identity document that is valid for life. Critics say, however, that the type of ID documents they are looking for will be misused to control and monitor people.

Published 9 April 2020
- By Editorial Staff
An RFID chip.

In their manifesto, ID2020 states that it is a “universal human right” to be able to identify oneself and that we live in a digital age where that part has become even more important. Despite this, it is said, over a billion people have no opportunities to identify themselves, something they say they want to solve by producing digital ID documents that should be “accessible” to everyone.

The goal is for these identity documents to be implemented on all people throughout the world, even if at the same time it is stated that it is mainly poor people and refugees who may be most in need of these.

In addition to Microsoft and the Rockefeller Foundation, the ID2020 initiative also includes the vaccine lobby organization Gavi, the consulting firm Accenture and the design firm Ideo. The project is also supported by various humanitarian organisations such as Mercy Corps and Kiva.

On their website, it is argued that the digital ID documents in the developed world are usually not under the user’s control but are stored on servers and places over which the user has no control, something that they claim they want to change. They further express concern that over a billion people have no ID documents at all, let alone digital ones.

We believe that individuals must have control over their own digital identities, including how personal data is collected and shared. Everyone should be able to prove their identity within institutional and national boundaries and over time. Privacy, mobility and perseverance are necessary for digital ID documents to meaningfully strengthen and protect individuals“, they write in their manifesto.

It is further explained that they want the digital ID document to be easily moved without being modified and that it should be with the user “for life” and not need to be replaced. It is not stated on the website whether this is done through an implanted chip in the body or not, but it is stated that ID2020 supports “technical research” and “innovation” in order to find a sustainable model for digital identity documents.

In collaboration with the government of Bangladesh and the vaccine alliance Gavi, the alliance behind ID2020 has developed a computerised program where you can map who has been vaccinated and not, and more countries are considered likely to follow Bangladesh.

The fact that the digital ID documents are used together with vaccination projects has met with much criticism and caused various types of speculation in connection with the corona crisis. The YouTuber Syrian Girl, for example, sees it as possible that ID2020 could be used to administer compulsory vaccinations and to implement the ID documents biologically in human bodies as part of strengthening the digital control device.

Letter from ID2020’s CEO Dakota Gruener telling about a meeting for the 2016 project at the UN headquarters in New York. Gruener has previously worked with the vaccine lobby organisation Gavi, which is also part of the ID2020 alliance.

At various forums, ID2020 and compulsory vaccination are discussed extensively, and how to act if these should become mandatory in the future.

It will work really well to implement such an idea in Sweden, regardless of what people here in the thread say. It will be meddled and tampered with soft psychological warfare for a long time. The individual as well as the mass perception will be attacked and with the passage of time, they will slowly break down all kinds of opposition, declare stupidity and present the introduction as factual and ultimately vital“, says a user on Flashback.

Most people who follow the news nowadays know that Bill Gates said that life will not be normal again until all 7 billion have been vaccinated and that the vaccination carried out must be checked, e.g. through digital certificates. There is no private actor who donates as much to the WHO as Bill Gates. A few days ago, he donated a few billion more. Initiatives such as compulsory vaccination can definitely be recommended by the WHO“, writes another.

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