Ukrainian man has the world’s strongest beard

Published 16 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Dmytro Hrunskyi has set a record for the heaviest vehicle pulled by teeth, neck and beard.

Ukrainian Dmytro Hrunskyi broke three world strength records in one day. He broke the record for the heaviest vehicle pulled with teeth, neck and beard.

The day began with Hrunskyi attempting to break the world record for the heaviest vehicle pulled by beard, a record he attempted in 2019 but failed when the beard ripped off his chin. Hrunskyi says he solved the problem by growing it longer and trying different braiding techniques to increase the strength of his beard. It also led to success when he managed to pull a minibus weighing 2,580 kilograms, beating the previous record of 1,952 kilograms held by Antanas Kontrimas of Lithuania.

The next step was to pull a vehicle with his neck. Since he had previously set the record for the heaviest train pulled by neck in 2022 with 32,500 kilograms, he was quite confident that he would succeed with this title as well. He also broke the record by pulling a 7.7-ton truck with his neck.

Finally, Dmytro broke his own record for the most cars pulled with his teeth. He pulled seven taxis, surpassing his previous total of six. All seven cars also had a driver sitting inside to steer the cars straight. The total weight was 8,784 kilograms.

– I dedicate these records to my country and our soldiers, he told Guinness World Records.

Dmytro also holds the record for the fastest 30-meter teeth pull in 15.63 seconds, which he achieved last August.

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