Norwegian scientists concerned about the risks of weather manipulation

The exaggerated climate crisis

Published 11 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Some want to block the sun's warming rays.

Norwegian scientists are now raising a warning finger and seeing serious potential risks in weather manipulation such as Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) – the idea of manipulating the sun’s rays to mitigate the alleged climate threat.

SRM is now being discussed as a real and realistic measure with the alleged goal of cooling the Earth, but climate experts, including prominent Norwegian climatologist Jan Fuglestvedt, are expressing serious concerns about the as-yet unknown consequences.

– There is great reason to be concerned about uncoordinated large-scale use of this as a measure against warming, Fuglestvedt said in an interview with Norway’s state-funded NRK.

As the alleged climate threat continues to permeate discussions about the future of the planet, Norwegian researchers have highlighted worrying aspects of concerns about human weather manipulation.

This is especially true for the so-called Solar Radiation Modification (SRM). In a nutshell, this method involves using particles in the atmosphere to block the sun’s rays and thus cool the Earth. This idea is of great interest to many climate alarmists and activists, not least globalists and profiteers like Bill Gates.

“SRMs soon in use”

Trude Storelvmo, a meteorology professor at the University of Oslo, stresses the importance of taking action, commenting in an interview with the state-funded NRK: “We can no longer ignore this and pretend it doesn’t exist.

– There is a fairly general perception that [SRM] is relatively likely to be used within the next few decades, she warns.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Jan Fuglestvedt, one of the world’s most prominent climate scientists, points out the potential risks of the technology.

– There is great reason to be concerned about uncoordinated large-scale use of this as a measure against warming, says Fuglestvedt.

Bill Gates funds research

Discussions about small-scale testing of solar radiation modification are ongoing, but Fuglestvedt emphasizes the need for caution.

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– This is what we call the termination effect. If you rely on the SRM and it suddenly breaks down or you stop it, you get a very fast warming. Probably much faster than you would have otherwise.

Ongoing discussions about SRMs are also opening up to commercial interest, with globalist and vaccine advocate Bill Gates a notable funder of research in the field.