MIT researcher: “The mRNA vaccine can lead to infertility and fatal diseases”

The criticized covid vaccinations

The high-profile researcher Stephanie Seneff at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believes that the mass vaccination campaign of the population with mRNA vaccines seems to lead to a drastic increase in serious chronic diseases and can also cause infertility - in addition to the alarming incidences of deaths now related to the controversial injections.

Published 25 June 2022
- By Editorial Staff
Stephanie Seneff, researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

It is in an interview with French FranceSoir that Stephanie Seneff announces her analysis of the mRNA vaccines, and it has been published in a scientific article entitled “Worse than the disease”, which deals with the experimental mRNA vaccines that are currently being injected on a wide front.

What we found was scary to me, says the MIT researcher.

Seneff does not mince her words and says that we will see a “shock increase” of nerve diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer cases in the near future.

Young people will get these diseases. Younger and younger and more and more. They will not know why, we will not connect it. These injections are extremely dangerous and that is because they cause your cells to produce spike protein without control, Seneff states. It is the spike protein that the vaccine produces that evidently is the very cause of health damage to those who take the injection, she further emphasises.

This is the actual danger as the antibodies can turn into auto-antibodies and attack all possible forms of tissue and cause various autoimmune diseases, she explains.

Stephanie Seneff was one of the researchers who pointed out leaked information about how spike proteins from Pfizer’s corona vaccine during animal experiments got into the bloodstream and into the animals’ various organs.

In practice, we poison all people who receive this injection with spike protein.

Another alarming problem, Seneff emphasises, is that the spike protein is a prion-like protein. She therefore fears that its properties may lead to vaccinated people suffering from a number of serious diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease where the nervous system breaks down and the deadly disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease where the brain degenerates – a disease that has manifested itself in the animal kingdom in the mad cow disease and in humans has been known to affect mainly cannibal strains.

Due to the massive production of spike protein, I think we will see protein that enters the circulation and goes up into the brain and triggers a process that in the long run leads to a serious neuro-degenerative disease, says Seneff.


Paradoxically, Seneff points out that the vaccine can also lead to an increase in the infectivity of the coronavirus due to non-neutralised antibodies, which can lead to severe respiratory diseases and people becoming sicker than if they had not been vaccinated at all.

They knew that this risk existed but did not care, she states and points to virus outbreaks in the US where about 80 percent of the patients had been “fully vaccinated” against covid-19, that is, they had taken two injections of covid vaccine.

She also points out that the vaccine causes the body to produce large amounts of powerful antibodies which then bind to the spike protein of the virus or the vaccine – but do not necessarily protect the body. In people with a weak immune system, on the contrary, the antibodies can make it easier for viruses to enter weakened cells and thus cause the virus to duplicate and spread to a greater extent.

I think that within a couple of months we will be in a situation where vaccinated people are at a disadvantage compared to unvaccinated people, Seneff predicts.

She also notes that very unusual viruses such as the varicella zoster virus, which can cause severe facial paralysis, now seem to become more and more common as a result of actively modifying and weakening the body’s natural immune system.

In practice, we poison all people who receive this injection with spike protein

No one knows how long the spike protein actually stays in the body, according to Seneff, but she believes that it could potentially be a permanent effect and is also worried about a scenario where the RNA is converted to DNA and becomes one with the DNA plasma.

I think it can occur in cancer cells, in immune cells and in sperm, she explains and also says that studies have shown that sperm can convert foreign RNA to DNA and then transfer this to the woman’s eggs and thus also affect the fetus.

When a human is injected with the mRNA vaccine, the immune cells pass the RNA further into the lymphatic system to try to make antibodies. This allows them to “travel” on to the spleen, fallopian tubes and liver and she warns that the “overproduction” of antibodies created can and will lead to an increase in autoimmune diseases in people who have been vaccinated.

That it enters the fallopian tubes is very worrying, she states and believes that it is likely that the vaccine affects fertility and reproductive ability in this way and others – something that also a significant number of reports of miscarriages in vaccinated people indicate.

I can not understand how someone who is pregnant can agree to take that vaccine, but the government encourages women to do it … In the fallopian tubes, it will create this spike protein which is very toxic. You quickly realise that this cannot be good for reproductive ability, Seneff continues.

She also believes that the mRNA vaccines will lead to more cases of Parkinson’s disease and points out that there are already reports of previously fully healthy people who have been vaccinated and then developed the severe neurological disease in just a few weeks or months.

It is not only the general public that is being targeted for to quench criticism of the vaccination campaign, but also academic voices that are critical of the vaccine are systematically silenced. Seneff notes that it is very difficult to reach out with perspectives that deviate from the established line – that the vaccination campaign is justified and safe.

The main stream of those in power, she states, is apparently not interested in other perspectives but instead does everything in its power to ensure that the campaign is run, despite its potentially very serious consequences that can already be discerned.

They claim that we provide disinformation, but when you look in the virus database, there have already been more deaths linked to these vaccines in the first six months than there have been with all other vaccines in the last 20 years.

It is a crime to inject these poisons into young people

The given way forward, Seneff believes, would instead be to strengthen the immune system in a natural way. Among other things, she advises eating better and as organic as possible, making sure you get sunlight and ensuring that you get all the essential minerals.

These are simple things that people can do and that would significantly increase their chances of surviving covid-19, but the government says nothing about it. Instead, they fight people who use natural nutrients like zinc to prevent the disease.

Seneff testifies that she has many academic colleagues who share her views on the vaccine and on corona politics and that many are both surprised and despairing at how those in power have chosen to act.

– We do not understand how this can happen and why our country would actively want to harm its population, she says and further hopes that enough people will be critical of the mass vaccinations and the corona policy to stop it.

The researcher has drawn attention to, among other things, complications in vaccinated young people, where several reports of cardiac arrest have occurred in connection with the injections.

It is a crime to inject these poisons into young people and I am worried that they will lower the age limit to zero or six months.

The enormous resources and the political power that has been put into getting the public to accept the mRNA vaccine are unparalleled in history, Seneff states. She is convinced that it will ultimately hit back very hard against those who pushed the campaign. For the time being, she explicitly warns the public to take the vaccine – especially if you do not belong to any risk group.

I would like to show them (the politicians) why it is not a good idea to inject this toxic mixture into the muscles of American citizens. Personally, I would never be willing to take these injections under any circumstances, Seneff states.

Stephanie Seneff is a leading researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has been associated with the prestigious university for over five decades. She has a bachelor's degree in biophysics, a master's degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate in computer science.

In her professional career, she has mainly researched the interaction between humans and computers and also algorithms as well as artificial intelligence to understand language and speech recognition.

For the past 13 years, Seneff has also focused a lot on how nutrition and environmental toxins affect diseases in humans, and in particular looked at the controversial pesticide glyphosate and the mineral sulfur.


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