Lab-grown meat goes on sale in the US

Published 27 June 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Singapore was the first country to allow lab-grown meat to be sold to the public.

Lab-grown meat will soon go on sale in the US. Two companies that create the ‘meat’ have received approval from the US Department of Agriculture.

Laboratory-grown meat is currently produced by a number of companies, but Singapore was the first to approve its sale to the public. Last year, however, the Italian government decided to ban the lab-grown products because it felt they could not “guarantee the quality, well-being and protection of our culture and tradition”.

Lab-grown meat will now be sold in the US, CNN reports. The companies Upside Foods and Good Meat announced that they have received approval from the US Department of Agriculture.

“The announcement that we can now produce and sell cultured meat in the United States is an important event for our company, the industry and the food system”, said Josh Tetrick, CEO of Good Meat.

Good Meat, which is also the company that sells its products in Singapore, markets its products as “meat without slaughter” and lab-grown meat is said to be more environmentally friendly than traditional meat. However, the process is not entirely environmentally friendly as it is still very energy-intensive, despite a reduction in methane gas emissions.

Upside Foods will introduce the ‘meat’ via a restaurant in San Francisco called Bar Crenn. Good Meat will work with chef José Andrés and introduce its products to his restaurant in Washington DC. Both companies plan to partner with other restaurants in the future.

It is unclear exactly when the ‘meat’ will be introduced to the public.