Zimpler vs Spelinspektionen – The outcome that divides the Swedish Gambling Market

Published 27 June 2024

The Swedish casino market is one of the strictest, making it illegal for Swedish payment methods to facilitate transactions at foreign casinos that do not have a Swedish license. Despite this, some banks have done so, resulting in hefty fines and warnings from Swedish authorities. Additionally, the payment provider Zimpler is in a legal battle with Sweden’s regulatory body, Spelinspektionen, which Zimpler initially won, but the decision has been appealed. The outcome will have significant implications for the Swedish gaming market.

Svea Bank Facilitated Payments to Foreign Casinos

In March 2024, the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri revealed that Svea Bank had facilitated payments to foreign casinos via a Lithuanian intermediary. This revelation garnered significant attention in Swedish media, especially given Svea Bank’s strong stance on sustainability issues.

The revelation also provoked a strong reaction from Sweden’s Minister of Financial Markets, Niklas Wykman. He sees unlicensed gambling as a major problem with personal consequences and takes any facilitation of such gambling very seriously.

Zimpler in a Battle with Spelinspektionen

The Swedish payment service Zimpler is currently engaged in a legal battle with Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s gaming license issuer. Toda, many Swedish casinos use Zimpler as seen on this list by Casinogringos who is a trusted source for online casinos.

On July 6, 2023, Spelinspektionen decided that Zimpler must stop processing payments verified by BankID, the Swedish electronic identification, for unlicensed foreign casinos. If Zimpler did not comply by July 31, 2023, a fine of SEK 25 million would be imposed.

Initial Withdrawal and Appeal

Zimpler withdrew from unlicensed casinos but appealed the decision. In early June, the administrative court ruled in favor of Zimpler, overturning Spelinspektionen’s decision.

Spelinspektionen appealed to the Court of Appeal, arguing that Zimpler’s service targets Sweden and facilitates illegal gambling by offering their payment method to foreign casinos.

Currently, Zimpler operates solely within the Swedish market for Swedish players. The Court of Appeal’s decision will have significant implications. Swedish payment services can serve unlicensed casinos if the court sides with the administrative court. However, if Spelinspektionen wins, this will not be possible.

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