French freemasons call for fight against National Rally

EU elections 2024

Published 17 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
The French Grand Master of the Order, Guillaume Trichard, promises to fight against Le Pen's party.

French freemasons are now expressing “deep concern at the imminent threat of the far right regaining power” in the country, and vowing to do everything in their power to stop what they see as “reactionary forces seeking to undermine the founding principles of the Enlightenment”.

In the wake of the European Parliament elections, and in particular the success of the nationalist National Rally party (Rassemblement National), the French Order of Freemasons is mobilizing.

Over the past week, it has issued a series of communiqués and press releases sharply criticizing the results of the elections and calling on its followers to fight against what it calls the success of the “extreme right”.

A press release issued on the evening of election day, June 9, reads: “Tonight, France has entered a very worrying phase in its history, with the imminent threat of the return to power of the extreme right. More than ever, the humanist principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, which Freemasonry has always served and defended, are in danger. In the coming days, the Grand Orient de France, in consultation with friendly Freemasons, will take all the initiatives it deems necessary to defend the universalist and fraternal Republic that we love”.

Masons mobilize

The freemasons plan to take further action in the near future, in transnational cooperation with other orders, to “secure and defend the universalist and fraternal republic”. It also calls on all members to take an active part in “the fight against the rise of the extreme right”.

According to another communiqué issued last Sunday, the Freemasons express their deep concern about the increased risk of the “extreme right” regaining power in France. With the upcoming legislative elections just three weeks away, the Freemasons stress the importance of paying attention to “developments”.

“Last Sunday, France entered a very worrying phase in its history, with the imminent threat of the return to power of the extreme right. In three weeks, with new parliamentary elections looming, the risk of France joining the dismal ranks of populist and nationalist far-right governments is greater than ever. The most reactionary forces are trying to unite with the sole aim of questioning all the fundamental principles of the philosophy of the Enlightenment, the source of progress”.

The Freemasons’ reaction after the EU elections and their continued mobilization against what they perceive as a “threat to democracy”, including the “universal values” they claim to “defend”, can be seen in the light of the infamous order’s history.

Through public statements and planned meetings, the Masonic Order in France is now acting to address the possible rise of “right-wing extremism” in the French political landscape.

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