British PM confronted over vaccine injuries

The criticized covid vaccinations

Published 17 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff

At the GB News People’s Forum, a member of the audience took the opportunity to confront British prime minister Rishi Sunak. The man demanded that the Prime Minister look him in the eye to see his “pain, trauma and regret” for taking the covid vaccine and said that there was no real political concern for those harmed by the drug.

– My name is John Watt and I am one of the covid vaccine victims in this country, the man told Sunak at the GB News event, which was attended by what was described as a cross-section of British voters.

Watt went on to say that he knew people who had lost legs and suffered heart problems after taking the covid vaccine, and described the protection mechanisms for those injured by the shots as deeply flawed.

– I want you to look into my eyes. I want you to see the pain and the trauma and the regret in my eyes, he said.

– How is it that those in power who urged us to ‘do the right thing’ have now left us all to rot? he asked. Watt continued.

Sunak said that there are compensation programs for those injured by covid vaccines and that he could not comment on “individual cases”. The Premier also said that it was news to him that vaccine victims had been silenced, stating that it was “sad to hear”.

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