Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Wolf spotted on the outskirts of Stockholm

Published 23 January 2024
- By Editorial Staff
The wolf was caught on camera by long-distance skater Fredrik Hallberg.

On Sunday morning, a wolf was spotted in the central area of Lidingö, on the periphery of Stockholm city, Sweden.

This unusual sighting, witnessed by multiple locals including Fredrik Hallberg, took place on the island’s icy landscape of Lidingö island, an island situated on the north-east periphery of central Stockholm. Hallberg was out skating when he encountered the wolf and was struck by its “majestic” appearance.

– It stands still when we first see it, and then I say: isn’t that a wolf? You don’t really believe your own eyes, so it takes a while before you realize it. You just admire it, it looked majestic. It was very cool to see it at such close range, Hallberg tells Swedish state media SVT.

The approximate path the wolf took during its visit to Stockholm is shown by the teal arrow.

The wolf was observed traveling across the ice from Lidingö to Bogesund, even taking a moment to rest midway. Wildlife warden Peter Rosenholm confirmed the sighting as a wolf.

– It is 100 percent certain that it is a wolf. It was seen in the central parts of Lidingö and then went out on the ice in the northern part of the island. Then it turned northeast towards Bogesundslandet, says Rosenholm.

The appearance of a wolf in such a central and populated part of Lidingö has sparked considerable interest and discussion among the local community.

– It has become a topic of conversation in the area, you hear people mentioning it in the grocery store. It’s kind of fun, says Fredrik Hallberg.

Facts: The Eurasian wolf (Canis lupus lupus)

The wolf is one of Sweden's five large carnivores, along with the bear, wolverine, lynx and man (sometimes the golden eagle is included instead). There are about 510 wolves in Sweden and Norway, of which about 450 are in Sweden. It is a highly endangered and protected species.

The wolf is mainly found in central Sweden, but it can be found sporadically in all regions because it migrates far, except for Gotland.

In a wolf encounter

The wolf will probably stop at a meeting to get an idea, especially if you have a dog with you. Make clear noises and start walking away. If the wolf follows, keep walking, but you can stop and try to "make yourself big", or shout, or take a few steps towards it. Always keep your dog on a leash and do not run.

However, it is rare to encounter wolves as they are usually shy.

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