The elephant lurks on the trucks – stops them for a snack

Updated today 13:04 Published 18 May 2023
- By Editorial Staff

Elephants in Cambodia have learned a simple trick to enjoy delicacies along the highways. They lurk on the side of the road and when trucks carrying sugar cane come along, they trumpet and stop the traffic to grab a snack from the load before letting the trucks move on.

In Cambodia, it is common to encounter elephants along the highways. Now the country’s elephants have learned a simple way of getting a snack. They simply stop trucks carrying sugar cane to get a bite to eat.

Elephants in Cambodia have learned to exploit their right of way and stop passing sugar cane trucks to steal a snack.

Using their classic trumpeting and enormous body size, elephants have gotten into the habit of “asking” passing truck drivers to stop, which of course they do (as if they had a choice) and the elephants take the opportunity to steal some sugar cane before the truck can move on.