Monday, June 17, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Monday, June 17, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

The Nordic Times celebrates first half year

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Published 21 June 2023
- By Editorial Staff

Today, as the summer solstice occurs in the northern hemisphere, The Nordic Times celebrates its first half year as the first completely independent, English-language Nordic newspaper. As TNT now delivers daily breaking stories and unique narratives, we ask readers to start supporting us with a donation.

The Nordic Times is growing steadily despite the small resources and has started to attract readers not only from the Nordic and Northern European countries, but also from North America, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

Readers who have followed us can attest to the practical importance of a truly independent newspaper, as we cover everything from the big pharmaceutical industry, the population replacement in the West, the abuses and concentration of power of the banks, the telecom industry, globalist institutions as the EU, UN, World Economic Forum, the military-industrial complex and many other powerful organizations and controversial areas with investigative articles.

Being truly independent presents many challenges, not the least of which is financial, which means we need you, the readers, to support us. Our goal is to increase coverage and daily updates over the next six months.

Our highly motivated staff is ready to work even harder if given the financial support.

Please consider a donation, large or small. It really helps, as it is critical that the information and broader picture get out to the public.

Via Donoxbox below you can use several payment options such as credit card, Google and Appel Pay. More donation options is coming soon, check out our donation page.


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TNT is truly independent!

We don’t have a billionaire owner, and our unique reader-funded model keeps us free from political or corporate influence. This means we can fearlessly report the facts and shine a light on the misdeeds of those in power.

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