Soaring prices cause more people to consider suicide

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Published 26 May 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Many cannot cope with the soaring cost of living.

A growing number of Britons feel unable to cope with the ever-increasing cost of living and charities are warning that many are considering taking their own lives. People with chronic diseases and disabilities are highlighted as particularly vulnerable.

UK charities that support people with disabilities or chronic illnesses are calling on the UK authorities to review the welfare system. They argue that the authorities must protect the most vulnerable and that many sufferers who were already struggling to meet their costs have now seen them triple – an increase they simply cannot cope with.

MS sufferer Sioned Williams, for example, says that during the winter she had to turn off the heating to afford to drive her son, who has learning difficulties, to activities and appointments.

To stay warm, she instead walked around indoors with several layers of clothing and hot water bottles. She also says that equipment related to her illness has quickly become much more expensive.

They say stress is one of the worst things for MS, the stress to do with living costs is making me worse. I just don’t know how we’re going to cope if things are going as fast as they are, she explains.

Cat Shorney-Jones, who works with people with MS, describes how rising inflation has made people “incredibly desperate”.

They’re having to choose between heating the house or eating, or putting fuel in cars to go to appointments.

Women in their 80s report having to turn off the heating and put on warm clothes indoors – reminiscent of the Second World War.

Increased transportation costs have also made disabled people more lonely and isolated as they can no longer afford to visit friends and family. Many have appealed for help and explained that they have considered taking their own lives.

– Multiple people have told us they have considered suicide, a spokesperson for Disability Wales confirms.

There is some financial help available in the UK, but organizations working with the sick and poor say that it is often complicated to apply, uncertain whether it will be granted, and the amounts paid out are often too small to make a real difference. However, the UK government has announced that it intends to adjust several financial support schemes for inflation.

Journalist and consumer advisor Martin Lewis has also drawn attention to the situation in the UK, where more and more people are considering taking their own lives because they feel they simply cannot afford to live any longer.

14 percent of people have considered taking their own lives because of the living cost crisis in the last year. Of people who has fallen more then one bill behind, that rises to over 40 percent. And of that group of people over 13 percent have attempted taking their lives.

– This is not a trivial piece of economics. This is at the core of the well-being of the nation, he continues.

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