Bank of England: “Anyone can get pregnant”

Cultural revolution in the West

Published 5 July 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Bank of England, London.

Britain’s central bank, the Bank of England, is now adopting an identity politics stance in its policies.

This includes declaring that people of any “gender identity” can be treated as pregnant and promising to dedicate an entire floor of its headquarters to gender-neutral toilets.

In June 2021, the Bank of England will introduce a new family leave policy that refers to “biological parents” instead of mothers. This is according to a request made by the Bank to the LGBT lobby group Stonewall.

The bank describes the guidelines as “the parent who is/was pregnant with the child but includes persons of any and all gender identities

The application also states that the Bank’s policy with regard to parental leave now “talks about parents without specifying gender“, several news channels report.

On social media, many people have been making fun of the Bank of England and its recent actions.

The Bank of England has also previously promised staff that it will pay for “gender reassignment treatment” through private health insurance. The Bank also states that it is “committed to being an inclusive place to work for all of its colleagues who are all dedicated to delivering monetary and financial stability“.

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Bank of England (Governor and Company of the Bank of England).

The Bank was formerly privately owned until 1946, when it was nationalized by the British Labour government. Today, the Bank of England is a government agency whose responsibilities include maintaining price stability and supporting the economic policies of the British government. The Bank has the exclusive right to issue banknotes in England and Wales and also manages the country's gold reserves of around 310 tons.